An attempt to step outside the Box

We get to the age of 16, almost finished with high school, and after years of having algebra and metaphors thrown at us, we are expected to have read between the lines and figured out what we want to do with the rest of our lives.

That seems like achieving the impossible! Our upbringing, our environment, many different aspects of our lives help to shape this and point us in that direction, so that even when it seems too confusing to know, we eventually figure it out. It would seem that all we need to do is follow the impulses, the gut feelings and it will lead to our very own fulfillment.

For some that could mean piles of money, for others it could mean continual travelling, and for the rest it could be the need to give back to the environment or the people that occupy that blue and green globe.

I made study my profession for too many years, all in an attempt to ‘find’ my profession. I sat exam after exam, studied all the books to get the marks to say that I was somewhat knowledgeable in each area. Which all seems quite pointless when the patients I care for often just want me to distract them from their illness and provide a gentle voice. I didn’t learn that in any textbook.

So what is the point of doing any of it? I guess it’s to keep on living this gift we call life. We go through all the checklists and achievements hoping that at the end of our years we minimise how much we regret. Hoping that we had as many golden, sparkling moments that brought us what we each feel is happiness.

Geoff and I don’t want to just sit in our box, stamping away trying to achieve our riches. We want to experience, live, enjoy and share what we feel is worth sharing! That is what this site will hopefully bring: insight, a shared understanding, and even some joy and gentleness!

          Send us a line if you feel like it! We would love any encouragement, comments or helpful tips that you might like to share. Thank you for spending your time with me today ~ Jade


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