Words of Encouragement

There is this mountain, and the mountain is Life. I am going to climb this insanely high mountain. It is going to be difficult, I am going to fall. I am going to stumble and want to give up. I will, however, learn from these falls and stumbles, and continue to stand up, brush off the dirt and keep going! It is a fun and extraordinary climb if you make the effort to make it so. I will make it so.

Words from my 20 year old self. I had just been through a bit of a roller-coaster and had learnt a tough lesson. When writing that quote, I had not even discovered yet what it was I was meant to learn, just that life was sometimes not very nice and yet I was expected to keep going anyway. We are all expected to keep going.

Despite how tough life can be, we always come to terms with the things that happen in our lives, sometimes without even realising it. Whether it is a person that has wronged us, death of someone close, or friendships lost. Maybe it is the job opportunity that is out of reach, or the increase in rent, or the lack of a smile from a passing stranger. The latter especially has the effect of making us miss the smile from the next stranger that happened to walk passed… In the end we always need that approval, that confirmation that it is all worth it, that we are worth something in this tragically beautiful life we live.

The sheer madness of it all. That is what keeps us all alive, pumping, looking ahead to moments to come, memories to be made. We are surrounded by chaos and hectic people, situations, moments that continually ripple the surface of what could be a smooth ride. The effortless glide of flying with no inhibitions… but without the choppiness I wouldn’t know the feeling of relief when it finally is smoothed over. Sometimes it takes weathering a freakishly intense storm to appreciate the calm that follows. For anyone that has tried surfing, being in the water when there is no wind, the sun is leaning in to kiss the horizon, the water is pink and the waves are like butter, is one of the most realistic feelings of relief of a ‘smooth ride’. For some that is catching the perfect wave, for another it is the intricate notes in a song, or the feeling of putting paint on canvas, and for others it sometimes is just a person that brings clarity to the mess.

I hope that if this week has been tough on you, if the storm got a bit too much at certain points, the mountain seems to high to climb?…I hope that you are able to find your ‘smooth ride’ in whatever form that may take. Take a minute to really feel the sun on your face, the breeze snake through your hair, and know that storms never last forever.

Have a good weekend! ~ Jade


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