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Does anyone else rehearse the lines in their head before making a phone call? “Hello. I’m calling in regards to…” and all of a sudden, the most posh sounding words are forming in your mind and being delivered to the unsuspecting person on the other side. Nevermind having to leave a voicemail message after you had already rehearsed your conversation! The message received by the other person: “Hello…um..*pause* um..I’m calling in regards to making an appointment..and was wondering what times were available?..*pause*..” Geez, who gave me a pass on being an adult?

There is actually a lot more behind this than you might be currently thinking, especially for those that reach for the text button before the call option. Even more than the pages and pages I have just found that explain ‘social anxiety’ and ‘phone phobia’. These explain the experience of taking/making a call, and then feelings felt while doing this, but when we really consider what is happening when we break out in a sweat, we need to reach a bit deeper within ourselves.

The reason I started writing this post was because I had a thought that when I go to write the next post, what if I have nothing worthwhile to say? Before going too deep into that, it reminded me of an actual worry that I had many years ago of not being able to make conversation with someone. I think everyone has this at some point. It’s the reason we have that one person that always breaks the silence, that always has a question to ask or a statement about ‘how nice the weather is today’. Specifically, I would worry myself before meeting up with someone that we would just simply run out of things to say. Responses would turn into ‘Mhmm, that’s nice’, and the whole affair would be disappointing. For some reason, in my mind it would always be because of me.

I admire those that can think of all the interesting questions and remarks, those that are able to leave a voicemail that is succinct and easy to understand. The people that are able to stand in a crowd and know that in their own way they provide something that no one else does.

It took me a long time to recognise that I had this too. That I was able to think of some thought provoking questions that had randomly popped into my head, and perhaps this person had not thought of this before. I would also genuinely want to know whether a person would prefer a dozen chicken-sized horses or a horse-sized chicken?! I was very entertained by Geoffrey’s response to this..

The brilliant reality is in fact that we each have something to share, to bring to the table as long as we are able to find those that can listen.

Millions of people can hold a conversation, write a blog, take a photograph, but only you can give what you have inside yourself and give that conversation, the blog post or the photograph the essence of you. No one can replicate it. We are the same and yet unique. Equal, but only you are you.

So next time you have a “chicken-sized horse” idea, share it. You might start something incredible and share your spark with someone else ~ Jade


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