Ocean feelings

We grew up near the ocean. First it was the Atlantic ocean/Indian ocean for me, then the full warmth of the Indian in South Africa. For Geoffrey it was the mostly still waters of the Mediteranean. The luscious warmth felt due to being so close to our equator. Many memories made for him and his brothers in Spain during the sweltering summers. It is quite obvious that we both receive something from the large expanse.

His favourite is when the sea is angry, the waves are monstrous, and the power can literally be felt beneath your skin. From this state, he likes to sit nearby and take it in for a good while, allowing himself to just be, often with his camera. For me, the more time I can spend beneath the surface, the better. I love her power and her stillness. I love how small and insignificant I feel compared to the magnificent salty waters, and yet I feel embraced.

As my last post said, the ocean gives and she takes away, and that I most certainly insist on. The wonderful thing is that it gives to each of us something different and full.


What are your thoughts?

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