Hold on tight

How many times have each of us arrived at a point in our lives and had the thought that we do not deserve what is being offered? We question how long this good streak will last, and we nervously wait, with sweaty armpits for it all to come to an end.

Well, I do that quite often. I found myself completely soaked in happiness, only to have my thoughts meander off to the ending of that happiness. Maybe it is human nature to prepare for disappointment by expecting it? Linking back to one of my first posts that I wrote, it does come back to your point of focus, your crutch in life that helps carry you through.

I acknowledge that expecting the end takes away from the joy of the moment…in that moment…, but at the same time it sure does make me cling a little tighter to that happiness and enjoy it fully. Do we need a bit of fear to keep us safe? To keep us grateful? Perhaps we aren’t able to just sit in saturated happiness and still appreciate the source. We easily become complacent and marshmellow-like in comfort. So when something is going good, maybe having it taken away, even if just in a split-second thought will help us cling a little tighter.

Goodness knows, we all need to cling a little tighter to what’s good in our lives!



  • Gary

    In recent years, I’ve really tried to develop a sense of non-attachment. “This is good and will not last”, just as in any moment it could be, “this is painful and will not last”. For people like me who are prone to rumination, the constant background buzz in your mind of how to hold on to happiness, or cure a slump actually breeds anxiety. Instead of just existing in the moment, the constant question of am I doing enough to appreciate the moment or plan for the future robs me of self acceptance and peace.

    • G&J

      Gary, you provide a very valid point. I can see why you would lean more to that side, because as I had mentioned before, maybe it is easier to expect the disappointment as then we are at least prepared?
      At the same time, I’m sorry to hear it takes away from the moment for you, expecting it to end. I hope you can find the enjoyment in the small things or even just joy in the things that most likely will end but also might not!

What are your thoughts?

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