What’s your definition of freedom? Is it the big city lights, the bustle of crowds, plenty of restaurants and cafés to choose from? Is it the countryside with fresh air to breathe in, an empty sky to view immense galaxies, and zero traffic on dirt roads? Could it be not having to worry about money? Or having less to to worry about? I quite like the idea of munching on juicy pineapples, and drinking from cracked-open coconuts on a lazy tropical island with my loved ones. Immersing myself in nature, searching for waterfalls, bathing in icy cold rivers…

I suppose what makes society work is the differences of the yearned after freedom. If we all wanted the tropical island, then there would never be the space. Our cities wouldn’t function, and it could mean zero growth to our infrastructure. Although, I don’t think anyone would say no to the island or nature side of things. That might not be your ‘forever freedom’.

So is freedom about balance?

Are we ever really free?

Could it actually be that we create our own jail? We are so busy comparing, so busy checking out the ‘green grass on the other side’ that we find it difficult to focus on what might make our grass greener. Maybe grass is not even what you really want, but you thought it was expected.

I’m still trying to figure out what my own freedom looks like exactly, so I’m not able to share what the solution might be. Except to say that maybe the only way to nourish our ‘grass’ is to really focus on ourselves, think of where we are in life, and not be afraid to feel exactly where that might be. So if it means that it no longer feels right? Change it.

Find your freedom, whatever form it might be in. And if you have tips on how to find it? Would love you to share it! 🙂



What are your thoughts?

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