Being Human

“ have something just there..*points to nostril*”, a surge of horror as you go to swipe away the offensive ‘something’, “oh goodness..” – rushing off to the bathroom to look for an open window to escape out of this situation.

Why is it that this reaction comes so naturally to most people? Usually, it would be difficult to make such a generalisation, but I don’t think I have come across anyone that isn’t immediately blushing red when a ‘foreign something’ is spotted. You know what is worse than this? Finding that something yourself when you look in the mirror. I mean, do I even have friends? Why is that people are so reluctant to let you in on the foreign somethings location. I’ve heard, “oh, but I didn’t want to embarrass you!” Huh? Thanks a lot. Then a steady stream of people you spoke to proceeding this moment flashes before your eyes.

This topic sprung to mind, because I’m definitely not above any of these ‘moments’. I’ll be quite devastated when I spot dandruff on my hair or shoulders, and had an ongoing battle getting it under control (tried everything from the strong shampoos to apple cider vinegar – nada control). However, it really dug into my mind the other night. I was at work, and spotted some dandruff on my colleagues shoulders, without thinking, I swiped it off for her and she quickly responded, “oh no, yuck, don’t touch my dandruff”.

My immediate response was, why yuck? I have it too!

Isn’t that the funny thing! Many, many of us have dandruff..all of us get a snot-ball in the nostril. One of my mom’s favourite saying is something like ‘why does that person think they are more superior when he/she also sits on the toilet’. It’s true! They also have to wee. I’m sure they let out an unsuspecting fart every now and then. In fact, I know they do. Since when did we have to not only have the appearance of being barbie-doll-like, but also have the inner workings of a barbie-doll and not have a functioning gastrointestinal tract?

This probably leads to a much darker perspective of society. Some people wear makeup as they enjoy to dress to the occasion and highlight their best features. Others might use it to cover up the unwanted pimple, because unless our skin is blemish free, we feel inadequate. Or what about eating certain things in front of people, but a completely different diet in private?

Each of us, in one way or another hides a true part of themselves, and whether we openly admit it, or you’re shaking your head in the negative as you read this, it happens.

Are we hiding from ourselves?


What are your thoughts?

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