Happy New Year to everyone…

We have all made it through the shopping lines prior to Christmas, then the ‘food babies’ we all wore after eating too much on the day. Now we are literally hours away from saying au revoir to 2018, and bringing in the New Year in some way.

Now, give me a couple minutes, I want you to picture this. This isn’t aimed at everybody, and maybe it could be shared to reach those that it might be more insightful to. So picture this: it’s a beautiful sunny day, the wind has settled itself to a gentle breeze over the last couple days (in Sydney anyway!), and the socialising is on high form for most! In fact there probably isn’t enough hours in these days to meet with everyone you would like to, and a lot of doubled-offers are having to be turned down, but let’s just say for ease that for the most part, you’re out and about being merry. Perhaps you’ve chosen that wonderful little cafe that just popped up on the corner, or the new steakhouse in the heart of the CBD. As expected, the place is bursting with other like-minded individuals who probably didn’t want to add to the dishes and thought it would be just great to eat at their favourite local.

During this time particularly, the wait time to be seated is much longer than usual, so patience is needed. Once seated, everyone is desperate to make their decision on food and drinks and get their order sent through to the kitchen to be prepared in what we hope is a timely fashion and presented to them only a short time later. See, this is where I would love it if we paused for a couple minutes and looked up at that paragraph again to see what was missing. What is missing, is the individuals behind each of those steps working on these public holidays. The waiter and waitress that take your order didn’t go to their New Years Eve drinks so that they could take your order of drinks. The barista and bartender aren’t able to walk in the same sunlight you had just previously enjoyed, because they started at 06:00 before the sun had fully risen. The chef in the back, didn’t get to spend Christmas morning with his kids, and definitely won’t be celebrating the new year coming in, because he’ll be back there in the early morning to prepare for the following day.

This is all nothing profound or ground-breaking, just a simple fact that when we get served at any point in our day, there is someone on the other side doing the serving. When your coffee comes a bit cooler than you would like, please have the decency to speak up and perhaps get it warmed up, but the respect to not write a complaint about the staff not doing their job. They probably served 100 perfectly heated coffees and yours happened to fall short a few degrees, but then I do beg you to take a minute and look at how hard they are working.

Working hard, to make YOUR day a good one.

So let’s be gentle and share a bit of kindness when the wait time is a bit longer than you would like, or the staff are a bit too rushed to be overly friendly. Have some understanding that they are just trying their best, on an extremely busy day.

Happy New Year to you all, and for the hard-working individuals, thank you for what you sacrificed to make our day a bit more special. There is never enough kindness to share, so give it out like you have way too much and it’s taking up space!


What are your thoughts?

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