The Gift of Everydayness

“Live each day as if it’s your last!” “Each day is a gift, that’s why we call it the present”.

I’m sure we have all heard these sentences or similar at one point in our lives. Everyone tells you to live in the moment, to be present, to live fully. Go after your dreams! Count your blessings! Enjoy every minute, and on and on.

The other day, as I began writing this, I was on a bus, running very late for a shift that starts on the minute passed seven. I didn’t miss my alarm, or forget I had work. I had had my coffee, my breakfast, I was dressed, but because I was trying to have a conversation with Geoff who had lovingly gotten up early with me, I was late. I was trying to enjoy the present moment so much that I forgot to think ahead to the upcoming shift I had and needed to travel to.

In all sincerity, does reality really allow this enjoyment of every moment? I feel as if each day it is a challenge to simply achieve the necessities of a successful day. Achievements such as getting 5-6hrs sleep (rather than the expected 7-8), eating regularly enough for the body to know it is still going to be fed and peeing more than once in an 8hr shift. At the moment, all of those are considered successes rather than simply having a regular day.

My mom is a trailblazer with these ideas, often reminding me how good we (as a majority in this country) have it each day. Geoff and I do regularly make sure that we are getting out and doing something other than just focusing on the upcoming shift that day. It often means simply jumping into the ocean for some salt-therapy and getting out soon after, but it is difficult to forget about the looming hours we will be spending at work that day.

Subsequently, the days are flying passed with the most prominent topic being responsibilities and trying to tick tasks off of lists. Gone are the days of student hours and being able to make it to social gatherings, and slowly but surely, gone are the friends from those times because time doesn’t allow me to show their importance in my present life. Which is not helped by them being just as busy.

Does that mean that life is actually about trying to make the most of every day while losing bits of our past? It seems it’s just not possible to hold on to it all. Therefore, the richer we make our lives, the more we try and achieve, the higher the chance we have of losing our minds trying to do it all! But ultimately, the goal is to achieve the richness that makes you less regretful in the end.

Maybe we focus so much on all there is to achieve that we forget that simply sitting in the sun with a good book or a cup of tea is just as rich as an adventure. It is what is needed right at that moment. Perhaps life is figuring out the happy medium between adventuring and just being happy to be right where you are in the moment. What a challenge it is to go searching between work hours and responsibilities to find the glimpses of magic. Sometimes they are not as obvious as it may be for someone else. Sometimes they are few and far in between, but all in all, I would say they are there waiting to be seen if only we could be open to seeing them.

I find this very frustrating. How easy it is to see the solution, yet how easy it is to forget about it all the time. Maybe the solution lies in surrounding yourself with people or someone that reminds you of the magic on your moments when you struggle to see it. And in their moments where they are struggling, we can return the favour.

Anyone else have a better solution?


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