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Focus on the feels


How easily we are distracted these days. With our phones in our hands, and our minds on ten different thoughts. To focus is our biggest daily challenge. Focus on what you say? Well, it could be anything.

If you are anything like us, we enjoy watching a quick episode of a tv show while we are eating a meal. We don’t get a lot of time to sit down for hours and hours in our day. Therefore, when we do have a moment of sitting, we set up the laptop/iPad at the same time as our meal, and once we have finished we usually carry on with an activity we had planned. Currently, we are watching a Spanish tv show, so one blink of the eye, and the subtitles have raced across the screen and half the conversation is missed. All because I wanted to take a mouthful of my meal. What I noticed though, is sometimes I could go an entire meal without really tasting what food I had on my plate! A whole delicious bowl of spaghetti gone without much thought, because my mind was trying to make sense of another language. Who doesn’t like a challenge…

While we are sitting watching a pretty sunrise, it is so easy to pick up the phone or camera to capture the beautiful light and colours. Usually we end up staring at the screen in dismay that the colours on there are just not as magnificent as they are in the sky, and before we blink, the sun has shown her full face and has started her day. We get up from our seat and then try make something of this sunrise photograph, after possibly having missed the actual sunrise.

During a catchup with a friend, due to the busy-ness of our own life, of that of our friend or those around us in neighbouring tables, it is easy to start one sentence and finish the conversation on a completely different topic. It could have been because of an interruption, a corresponding thought that had to be said, the coffee being delivered, a notification on our phone, and before we know it, away flits the topic.

All three of those paragraphs jumped without much melting in to one another, and it was more to make a point and to get to this conclusion:

  • Feel the sand beneath your feet. Don’t just walk across and go “Mmm, that’s sandy”. Actually feel each grain slide between your toes and over the top of your feet.
  • Really savour the feeling of water in your mouth, swirling around your tongue on a hot and thirsty day.
  • Look into the eyes of the person you are talking to and take note of the colour closest to the pupil.
  • Listen to the music of someone’s laughter.
  • Really feel the ache of your body settle as you lay down onto your mattress to go to sleep tonight.
  • Try decipher the spices and flavours used to create your meal, to actually taste each component.
  • Sit and feel the peace of a new day starting, without lifting up your phone or camera.

All these ‘feels’ are missed because life is too busy.

Geoff and I will often go to dinner without our phone, and have since the start of our relationship. Nothing discussed at the start, just we wanted to have less weight, and because we never looked at it anyway. We come back from work and will sit outside beneath the starry sky to drink our tea, and sometimes just sit in peaceful silence after having to talk throughout our shifts. Sometimes we are distracted very easily, we both have such busy days, but we often do get it right too I think.

I hope that you will take a moment or two today to just feel. Whatever it is, good or bad, savour it and then you can keep being busy. It’s a habit that just needs a bit of encouraging, and believe me, your day becomes richer just from pressing the pause button.


What are your thoughts?

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