Starting a New Day

When the world is almost yours.

The fluttering of eyelids, sniffing the air for new smells. As your beloved pup wakes to the new day, he stretches his paws out and arches his back for a favourite pose of ‘downward dog’.

Birds fluff their down feathers, extend their wings to get the blood flowing to the tips, releasing a chorus of chirps and tweets in communication.

The surfer puts on the cold buffer of a wetsuit, takes the first paddle into refreshing salty water and arches up to stretch those muscles that will very soon be put to use.

When the world is almost yours…

I hope you were able to enjoy a needed stretch, fluffed up your hair and had a refreshing start to your new day!

And remember to give your mind a mental stretch too, in whatever form/pose/song/prayer that might appear in.


What are your thoughts?

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