Behind the Lens

Geoffrey and I live in an out of the way suburb called Manly, in Australia, with the aim of being as close to the beach as we could physically be without buying sleeping bags and spending our nights on the beach. With our full-time jobs, we are looking for a means to share and expand our reach. Geoffrey, with his beautiful photographs, and myself with some random thoughts and feelings to coincide.

The idea of “Salty skin” came with the love of the ocean, and being in the water as often as possible. There is a soothing quality to the magnificent expanse: the ability to make you feel so insignificant and yet unique all at the same time. We get this feeling that this powerful and enormous part of nature considers us as willing participants in what there is to offer, but at the same time, a wayward wave reminds you that you are merely another grain of sand.

“Eclectic feels” covers the rest of the topics that each individual gathers throughout their lives. The hobbies, the likes and dislikes, the feelings and emotions experienced during social interactions or when out in nature, which is where we both prefer to be. Then with a trusty SLR camera, Geoffrey captures these moments with a magical flair in order to share with you all.

We are both newbies to this, so you will probably often see changes as we adjust and prepare our page. If there is something that you like, would like, don’t like, please contact us and we will be ready to listen.

Enjoy and best wishes to all passing through ~ Jade and Geoffrey.